LED headlights of near and far head light: whether it will be possible to see more

Even the most battered headlamp will illuminate the markup or road sign, but only if there is one. Otherwise, it is customary to hope that a good light can be a panacea that will save both the car and human lives. Often we are willing to spend time and money on this. But often, alas, wasted. We understand the LED headlamps.

It seems, at last, the fashion for the collective farm xenon, which is consuming its eyes, has passed, but today LED, not yet forbidden artillery, enters the battle. A logical question arises: are the bulbs of standard head optics so bad that you need to look for an alternative, or are there other options?

Kulibins in Russia will not be transferred, no matter what State Standards or TU may admonish them, whatever fines for interfering with the design of the car or frighten them. And the reason here is not at all in the itch of invention. Most civilization standards end behind bypass roads in major cities.

The excitement around LED or LED bulbs has been warmed up by Chinese lighting manufacturers, having thrown a huge number of product options for headlights onto the market in recent years. Quality or not so much is another matter, but the buyer, as they say, caught fire.

Game without rules

Indeed, modern Best LED Headlights On The Market can serve up to forty years, they are insensitive to temperature extremes, and most importantly, to vibrations and shocks. And, at first glance, the light output is considerable - up to 30–60 lm / W and more against 10–17 lm / W in incandescent lamps, and it grows with the development of technology from year to year.

It would seem, buy and place such bulbs, besides cunning Chinese released them in all known types of socles about which we wrote recently. Designs - a great many: with one or more LEDs, with a small focusing lens or without it … Sellers promise a fantastic light, but, alas, they lie on their blue eyes.

But what about the rules of the UNECE No. 112, on the basis of which national standards for automotive lighting have been created, in particular GOST R 41.112–2005? After all, they clearly spelled out that the headlamps marked C - dipped, R - far, CR - dual-mode (low and high), and they are intended either to work with incandescent lamps, or in the case of HC, HR and HCR markings, accordingly, for halogen lamps only. For HID gas dischargers or xenon lamps , their standards for headlamps are the UNECE Regulation No. 98 or GOST R 41.98–99. All of them are on the official website of the Economic Commission for Europe.

For LED headlamps (not to be confused with standardized daytime running lights!), Uniform rules are still under development, i.e. GOST only shines for them, which gives rise to a huge number of experiments of car owners.

Torque wrench

Many fasteners of cars are sensitive to the force when tightening, if tightened “to the stop” - you can break the thread, “lick” the fastener head or get cracks in the details. If you deliberately do not hold off, the fasteners may loosen due to vibration during the operation of the part or mechanism.

The torque wrench will solve the problem - it tightens the bolts and nuts with the installed torque in Nm and helps to avoid over-tightening or under-fastening.

Types of torque wrenches

  1. Torsion

They are also called arrows, because on the handle there is a scale with an arrow that indicates the moment. The most common type is that they have a high margin of error, but they are cheap. Suitable for work where it is not necessary to strictly observe the tightening torque.

  1. Limit with ratchet

They are also called snap or spring. The main feature: low error, so they are used for almost all compounds in the automotive equipment.

  1. Electronic

The most expensive, but the most accurate. On the case there are buttons that adjust and adjust the settings. LCD screen displays values.

Additional functions:

Memory of the last puffs - convenient when you need to tighten a lot of fasteners with a few moments. With this feature, it is easy to switch to the right torque.

switching mode - some models can be connected to a computer through a cable. With this function, it is convenient to upload working data in * .csv format to Microsoft Excel tables

auto power off - in different models the time is different: usually from 60 seconds to 5-6 minutes

light and sound indicators - they signal when the moment is reached. Especially convenient in dark and noisy rooms.

Torque wrenches come with a drive square for interchangeable nozzles. They are cap, rozhkovy, ratchet. Using a key with interchangeable nozzles is especially convenient when you need to choose a tool in hard-to-reach places.

Torque wrench service

The correct operation of the tool depends on the care of him.

Return the mechanism to the zero position when finished working - then it will not have to be constantly calibrated.
Check the instrument every 1000 cycles or once a year - you will find out inaccuracy in advance and calibrate the mechanism in time.

These simple rules will help extend the life of the tool and maintain its functionality for as long as possible.