Call to mind where you live.
Imagine that you’re in a balloon floating over the roofs and parks, people and traffic, houses and flats.
Hear the sounds of where you live; breathe its air; feel its life and stay with this for as long as you like.
This is where God has invited you to live.
Notice what part of the neighbourhood is uppermost in your mind.
What’s calling out for transformation today? Silently offer that to God.

God of the city
You are here in
the lives of the people
the bricks of the buildings
the pavements we walk on
the scrub ground we pass by
the trees in the park
the voices in the market
the hopes and dreams
of all our neighbours.
We thank you for that.

Give us the eyes to see you at work and minds that can quickly glimpse your growing kingdom. And when we see it,
help us to sing an Alleluia!
A jazzed up, street sourced Alleluia!
A grating, soaring, garage Alleluia!
A rap, urban, Bangra Alleluia!
Help us to put words to all we know about Jesus, words of hope, love and joy. Words that build up and don’t bring down, words that encourage and give purpose and life. Give us clear expression to the life we find in Jesus.

You are the beginning and end of our worship and we want to worship you honestly and boldly. We don’t want religion but we want our obsession to be Jesus.
Help us to work out ways of worship, prayer and service that aren’t borrowed ways but ways that our community, our environment, our church are aching to express.
Help us see the places and people needing your resurrection. And would we not simply pray but move, run and act and do your kingdom work.