Beki’s talk on Isolation will be up here soon. In the meantime, John H offers this testimony to encourage us on the subject.

There have been several times in my life when God has shown me barriers in my life. These are the sort of isolating barriers that Beki spoke of in her Sunday sermon.

For me, each time it has felt like a major mountain, almost impossible to climb. What’s more, although I knew the barriers were hiding personal imperfections that God didn’t want me to have, it seemed more comfortable to stay as I was rather than move into an unknown and different future.

I felt I could cope with what I had become rather than risk exposure to a different way of living. Yet each time, with the help of good friends and church leaders, God has brought me through.

Afterwards, I have felt that what seemed like a mountain was really only a mole hill as far as God was concerned. It was rather silly that I had made such a big thing out of something that God helped me through.”

Thanks John!